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Re: Feather Step International Style
Posted by anymouse
11/9/2012  8:49:00 PM
"Foxtrot. Feather Step. Rise at the end of step 1. Up on 2 and 3. lower at the end of 3."

This simplified formal description leaves out a lot of geometrically obvious reality. For the specific properties it covers it is accurate, but anyone who tries to execute it without understanding the key aspects which the wording does not attempt to address, goes fatally wrong. This is why you must study with a skilled teacher, and not try to learn to dance from a book!

"Now analyse that.. not putting anything in it that is not there."

You are in fact reading in plenty that is not there, for example the following grossly mistaken claim:

"We are at our full height on 2 and 3"

No. In fact, your height continuously changes as your feet close, pass, and re-divide.

"lowering verticly"

One would better hope not!

Approximately vertical lowering is seen in the foot-closure waltz figures, but not in the foxtrot's passing figures which gently taper the lowering as the movement continues.

Spend some time watching actual dancers, and you will discover that these theories bear no relation to how the foxtrot is done. They are inventions of pure misunderstanding. A book, especially one that you misread, will not teach you this dance - you must study in person with those who actually know it.
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