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Re: Feather Step International Style
Posted by anymouse
11/11/2012  8:56:00 AM
"And "we " all know ,what Scrivener said, about R and F on a Feather!"

Yes, the issue has long been recognized.

What the technique books describe is primarily the foot rise.

When you add in the effect of the legs closing and re-opening, there becomes another components of rise which is visually apparent, but one that is not addressed by the technique books.

As the legs close together, the height of the body increases, and as they divide again it decreases. This is not only the geometric reality, it contributes a lot to making the dance flow smoothly.

In the era when the technique books were written, movement was small enough that things like this were easy to overlook. But as movement has grown over the many decades since then, it becomes impossible to ignore the difference between the simple model of the text, and the far more involved and artistically pleasing reality of masterful execution.

To be blunt, someone who cannot see this trend of OVERALL rise and fall by watching a skillfully executed feather step from the side is someone who has not yet developed the visual perception necessary to have a meaningful conversation about dance technique. All you have to do is trace their path of their head with your finger - gently upwards until the feet pass at the end of two, gently downwards thereafter.

Dancing well requires not only understanding the aspects of dance discussed in the books, but also the many things which were considered too subtle to address there, but can no longer be ignored with today's scale of movement. This is why one must study with live teachers, and not simply sit at home with a book.
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