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Re: Feather Step International Style
Posted by O.Z.
11/20/2012  1:20:00 AM
Anonymous.As the legs close to togther, the height of the body increases and so on. Dont you think it is the use of the feet and ankles plus the knees are the reason we rise and fall. I believe the amount of loss of height over a step which is about as wide as an average door frame is minimal. Coming from a T. to a T.H. now thats a different story. But coming from both heels on the floor to a heel where the toe lowers imediately( Page 10 ). I cant see it.
When you say. All we have to do is trace the path of their head with your finger. Dont tell me all we have to do is walk to get the correct rise and fall.
I think you should be looking down to the knees a below. That is where the differences in height are taking place. The head just happens to be on top.
This discussion reminds me of the Samba to some extent. Where as the straightening of the feet and the bending of the knees keep the head at a constant height so it doesn`t pop up and down.
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