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Re: Rumba Rhythm
Posted by terence2
11/24/2012  12:41:00 AM
Because thats the way the music is written.. the 4 , is stressed on Conga, Base and Tumbao .

It occurs on the 2nd bar ,of a 2 bar phrase. Latinos ,and the prof. teachers in Cuba ,teach that to their students .

There is a discussion ongoing in another site that, ALL latin music in the dance scene is Son based . Its been posited by some very well respected biographers ( latinos )ergo. "4" is the anchor, if you will .

Go to Salsa Forums.. there is a discussion on the Music section that ,has great detail on this subject. Its under" Son " .

To remember.. this rhythm structure ( Clave and Son ) has been around long before the dances we see today, were invented .
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