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Re: Rumba Rhythm
Posted by terence2
12/1/2012  4:38:00 AM

As I suspected, your choice of music for which to dance Rumba too , is not surprising . What ANY of that has to do with Rumba, is beyond my ( and ALL latinos ) understanding .

There are 100s upon 100s of amazing Rumbas that would be suitable for usage in the Intern genre.. the problem why not ?.. the majority of prof. , have little or no knowledge , beyond following a format that,they believe the general public want and has been indoctrinated in, for multi yrs ( there are some notable exceptions ).

Why do think that, Salsa has become a world wide phenomenon ?.......its the MUSIC ..

And, you quote an African drum.. well,it maybe the 1st"sound " heared, but. it was not Afro /CUBAN , and that really is the whole point !.

Dance,is about "education " in ALL aspects .
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