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Leader and Follower
Posted by O.K.
12/16/2012  4:47:00 PM
I have a question concerning the use of the terms Leader and Follower based on an article by one of the experts. They in the International Standard Style condem the use of the words Leader and Follower. It says that the Leaders steps , style and so on will suffer. We cannot think of two things at the same time. Its not possible. And with leading uppermost in our thoughts our own dancing will suffer. What is the answer. Is it that the followers should be called a Dancer and should know their own steps and not to be pushed or forced into their dance steps. Is it that some studios go overboard with their teaching and try to teach too much too soon. I was at a lecture where this former World Champion said that if he were introducing a new group into his dancing. He would practise it for three months before bringing it to the competition floor.
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