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Re: Leader and Follower
Posted by olderpartner
12/17/2012  12:30:00 PM
I would like to read the article to which you refer. Regardless of whether I'm dancing Standard with my competition partner or my wife, such things as the decision of which figure to dance or our alignment falls to me as the male partner. However, leading is much more than this. At every instant throughout each figure my partner needs to understand what is to come next. I suppose you may label the roles anything you like.

I can appreciate the notion of not thinking of two things at once and when forced to consider what I actually do while dancing, I do not "think" specifically about leading. For me, the process is more like allowing my partner to do the correct thing rather than making or forcing her do it.

When preparing for competition we do choreograph a sequence of figures but there is no way we can simply "dance our own parts by rote" and be successful. Traffic often compromises perfect alignment or requires modification of a practised sequence. It becomes my task to "lead" alternate figures. There is a huge amount of learning required to dance well in all situations and it is certainly possible to try to teach too much too soon. For me, good technique is of much greater value in coping with the demands of a crowded floor than is any specific notion of lead and follow.
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