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Re: Leader and Follower
Posted by ladydance
12/25/2012  10:49:00 AM
I know of no one in the international style that condemns the terms 'leader and follower'. Anyone who knows anything about dance understands the terms. It is beginners, especially women, who get all insulted when told they are the follower. Okay then, use 'facilitator'. Changing the terms is just stupid in my opinion. The 'follower' can not decide where to go or what to do. They have enough to do just interpreting what the leader wants. That being said, the follower must know her steps. She has to know how to do a heel turn if she wants to dance international foxtrot. There is no way around it.
When women want to be pushed or pulled, it is because they don't know any steps and don't want to spend the time or money needed. They are heavy and unresponsive and good dancers don't want to dance with them. They never have a partner and come to our studio demanding that we find one for them that is "a strong lead". They won't dance with a beginner because that would require work.

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