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Re: why count eight beats when only four are neede
Posted by booji
12/29/2012  4:45:00 PM
No disrespect to the above but I was of the same opinion as the poster even after hearing all of the above. None of the explinations of Clave rhythms give a reason why you should be on 1 and not 5. What changed for me was that I realized that if I don't dance to 8 beats then I can't match my dancing to the energy changes in the music. I'd be hearing the tension build and know the high energy part was coming but it would start early for me, I'd have to dance four beats before I could change.
Re: why count eight beats when only four are neede
Posted by rgswoohoo
12/29/2012  5:43:00 PM
with my studio they teach us the 6 count Salsa so that we can go out to the clubs and somewhat fit in. If you try to take ballroom slasa to the Salsa clubs, they just laugh at you and ask you, "What is that?"
Re: why count eight beats when only four are neede
Posted by Voco
12/30/2012  2:57:00 AM
RE: Ballroom Salsa

What is Ballroom Salsa? I always thought that Salsa was a Social Dance or Club Dance. Neither Latin nor American Rhythm has it. Did you mean Mambo? American rhythm Mambos music is clearer and the Cuban Action is more apparent.

Many trained Latin dancers turned off Salsa for two reasons, in my opinion: The overly busy music and the club-style stepping on the heels (man), which looks jerky and rough to the eye of a Latin dancer. Also, a salsa dancer is regarded well by his peers if he can pack as much action in one measure of music as physically possible, without regard to the beauty and the expression of the movement.
Re: why count eight beats when only four are neede
Posted by terence2
12/30/2012  6:04:00 AM

Your are making a distinction between " Styles " : its the SAME dance, but,stylistically and technically, the 2 are quite different .

Many variations in salsa, at a basic level, are pretty much the same, no matter the style ( Cali and Cuban ,are different, as can be the music ).

And, I would agree with you , that the BR style ,looks very out of place in an authentic Latino club . States-side, B.R. types, are very rare in the Latin clubs .
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