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Re: Modern Ballroom Music Source
Posted by Dave
12/31/2012  12:38:00 PM
I went through the first four walls and was really dissapointed, the first two are so fast that you may dance VW if that's what you conceive asVW music.
The first foxtrot by Adele is no way shape or form a foxtrot of any style.
I forgot to mention that What a Wonderfull World has four beats to the bar not three. I don't understand as an international style dancer how you could add these to your list of waltzes and foxtrots. The rumber list does look interesting so I will explore it in the hope that the timing is not all over the place as I expect the Quicksteps and Cha Cha s to be? Yes, a long list of Waltzes and a long list of dissapiontment.
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