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Re: my husband doesn't dance
Posted by ballroomchick
1/4/2013  11:16:00 AM

I WISH you would repost this on EVERY singles listing there is. I can not tell you how many guys I hear complain.... "where are all the great gals to date." I tell them we are at the ballroom dancing every Friday or Saturday night. They look at me like I've suddenly grown an extra head. They don't beleve me that when tell thme the single guys all end up with a table full of ladies to dance with each week. A gal who is not regulars at his tabels have to snagg the guy before he comes off the dance floor if they wish to dance with him.

Yes we all started somewhere! We ladies WANT more guys to learn to dance. We are willing to help them learn (if they wish it). We encourage them as we hear about their dance lessons. What a way to make friends of all ages, heights and shapes. I've seen many marriages happen this way. Oh and those guys still dance with lot of other ladies and their wifes dance with lots of other guys.
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