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Re: Old Latin Music Source
Posted by waynelee
1/5/2013  10:51:00 PM
Interesting point about iTunes and I will have to investigate it further. For years now, I have used the "burn CD" method to transfer iTunes music into a format that I could use elsewhere because iTunes used, and still uses, a proprietory format, called ACC, just like Rhapsody used with their RAX format. There may be audio converters that will take the iTunes music directly into .mp3, or other commonly used formats, this I will have to investigate. ACC formatted music can directly play on any Apple product like iPod, iPhone, IPad, etc. Also, some mp3 players may have an ACC codec that will allow playing iTunes directly, but they are not very common. The reason nloftofan1 may not have any problem playing iTunes music outside of the iTunes player is that he apparently uses a Macintosh, which is an Apple product and therefore can play ACC formatted music. The bottom line is that in order to use iTunes music in another program, or play in any and all mp3 players, the music must be converted into a standard format like mp3.

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