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Re: Old Latin Music Source
Posted by rgswoohoo
1/6/2013  5:42:00 PM
I rarely buy from itunes(only when I am looking for something specific and itunes is the only place I can find it), but when I do I always take the mp3s out of itunes and put them with the rest of my music lybrary. I use winamp to play everything and it all works fine. I think different albums and different songs are encoded in specific formats. Sometimes I work with my songs in Pyro Audio Creater by Cakewalk which has an encoding module that lets you drag and drop the song into the preset coding you want and it encodes the song and puts it back into the folder under the origial song. I find I have to do that sometimes because whatever coding is on the song won't allow the song to open up in the editing module.
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