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Re: Low Confidence, i am the weak link
Posted by ladydance
2/1/2013  6:10:00 AM
A year and a half is not very long so if your partner is happy, you should not worry so much. If you are learning standard, in my experience, the instructor always spends more time with the lead. My partner is a better dancer than I am and our coach always spends more time with him than with me. What level are you at? Perhaps you need to worry less about the steps and concentrate more on technique. Why are you dancing? For fun, to compete? Do you have any goals? Are they realistic? In dancing, you have to start at the beginning and slowly work your way up. Those who for whatever reason, jump in at a higher level than they can muster, either quit in frustration or look like crap. Sure they know their silver/ gold steps but they are hunched over, their footwork is non existent, and they look like beginners. Steps are never more important than technque. Good technique = good lead. Do you dance with other women? My husband tests his leading skills by dancing with other women. If they can't follow he knows he is doing something wrong. If they have no problems, he is doing something right. Don't get discouraged, just do the best you can. It's only dancing, it's supposed to be fun.
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