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Re: Low Confidence, i am the weak link
Posted by hipsdontlie
2/1/2013  2:59:00 PM
we are currently full bronze, moving into pre silver by the beginning of summer. My instructor and my partner and I are currently working on technique in all of our current full bronze dances, I am trying to do my best and I know this is difficult and that it takes time, but it's just the fact that she is better. I cannot estimate her ability too accurately but i don't feel as if she is leaps and bounds ahead of me. But she is just always ahead of me. I feel that i am catching up but i am wondering how to preferably advance past her ability. We are both happy with the relationship, we are also in a romantic relationship; we keep it strictly dance oriented inside the studio though. I just strive to be better than her, can't exactly say why i want to be better than her; it must be a male ego masculine thing, despite my rather flamboyant personality. Thanks for any help you can offer.
Re: Low Confidence, i am the weak link
Posted by rgswoohoo
2/1/2013  11:03:00 PM
Some women are just more intuitive than others. They can follow the simpleist sloppy lead and keep right on dancing with you ... these are a sheer pleasure to dance with! There are others that trying to lead them is like trying to push a brick wall over! Your partner might have a hard time following leads, even the beast lead, thus forcing you to be really precise with all your moves and gestures.
in my studio we just had a lady move into bronze 3. she can't follow worth a flip ... even when the studio owner himself dances with her, he has dificulty trying to lead her.
Re: Low Confidence, i am the weak link
Posted by Voco
2/2/2013  1:04:00 AM
A married couple, friends, have the same problem. The wife is far better dancer than the husband. The husband has been taking private lessons from a professional lady teacher for the last year or so. Now once week they take a lesson together from the same teacher and he continues to take lessons alone. So far it works fine. He enjoys it and progressing well.
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