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Re: my husband doesn't dance
Posted by Kizombera
2/2/2013  7:57:00 AM
My husband does dance, he started taking salsa classes with me about a year ago, and enjoys it, but he doesn't really like going out at night, so I go out once a week with a group of friends we met in our classes. Every once in a while my husband does come along, and those are the best nights, but mostly I go out on my own. I dance salsa, bachata, and even kizomba, which is danced in a very close hold, but everyone I dance with knows I'm married, and it's always been just about the dance, so I don't feel guilty about it at all. The people I've met while out dancing are nearly all there for one reason only, to dance, and I haven't seen any "pick-up" activity going on, unlike in other sorts of dance clubs. I love dancing, and I am much happier ever since I started, which carries over to the rest of my life...I'm in a much better mood at home if I can get my weekly dance fix.
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