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Re: Two Step Meter
Posted by nloftofan1
2/7/2013  8:19:00 AM
You don't say what country you are in, but my guess is that you don't live in the United States. In American style Foxtrot, the basic movement's rhythm is SSQQ. As you recognize, that takes 1-1/2 measures, so two of them take three measures. Then you have "caught up" with the music.

In Guy Howard's book "Technique of Ballroom Dancing" (International Dance Teachers' Association, what Americans would call "International"), you meet this rhythm in the back of the book, in the "Social Rhythm" section. There are several patterns with the SSQQ rhythm there.

(At least in the United States) this is not a problem. Only in Tango and Bolero is it important to match the dance figures to the music's structure ("standard" figures usually take eight measures, though some of the elements may overlap measures.
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