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Re: Time signature
Posted by O. Z.
2/24/2013  5:05:00 AM
In Australian New Vogue a Tango must be 4/4 Tempo. It is highly likely that soon unless you have some old recordings you may find it hard to find a 2/4 Tango. Evidently they are not popular with the buying public. I know my teacher who is a leading competitor treats all Tangos as 4/4. After all they never know what is going to be played. If we strike a 4/4 Tempo and we do a Four Step we will need to put a head flick to take two beats otherwise we would be stepping into a Closed Promenade on 1 2... It needs to be 3 4. if the music is 4/4. But if we dance a 2/4 routine to a 4/4 Tango there is a problem.
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