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Re: Fraud
Posted by Administrator
3/11/2013  4:44:00 PM
Hi Jaminana,

These things are usually easy to spot, and we will always let you know when we see one. Still, if you see something that looks like fraud, it doesn't hurt to bring it to our attention in case we missed it. We like to send out warnings, because the more we do, the less you guys respond, and the less you respond, the less often the scammers bother trying.

As always, never respond to something that looks fishy (or phishy). And be sure to require a payment method involving escrow (e.g. escrow.com) or something with insurance.

Also, a new thing you can try is a service called Square (http://www.squareup.com/), which allows you to accept credit card payments. It's inexpensive (2.75% per charge as of the writing of this post), and you don't pay monthly fees. Not a bad way to go!

Jonathan Atkinson
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