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Re: Studio vs. private instructors
Posted by belleofyourball
4/13/2013  7:46:00 PM
Parties and the like are to keep you coming...they make them fun on purpose....so you keep coming and keep paying. I did work at one major chain and began my dancing at the other....so I have been there and I know what they do and why they do it. It is about money. They will not advance you at an appropriate level due to their in-house rules to ensure they make money. They tend to be extraordinarily more expensive then an independent instructor. There are a few really good teachers in those chains but there are also a lot of duds. They also tend to keep you at in-house comps so you feel like a 'winner'.

I would certainly recommend an independent instructor with a good track record. If you are competing he or she needs to be a competitor who has a history of winning (at real comps...no in house chain competitions). If you are looking to be good social dancers I would certainly recommend group lessons which have a group practice at the end of every lesson. It will give you more opportunities to dance with many dancers with different styles and levels of ability and grasp of steps...and that is cheap. Social dancing=group classes....competitive dancing=private lessons. I can almost guarantee you will come out at a much better financial place then you are now.

It took me nearly a year to unlearn all of my bad habits from my chain days....and I was dancing with the trainer of all dancers for all of the studios in a major metropolitan area. Get a good independent instructor and you will never be sorry.
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