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Re: Studio vs. private instructors
Posted by fkilani
4/14/2013  1:39:00 AM
I'm not as experienced as other guys who give you advice, but I've tried 4 studios and one independent instructor and this what learned:

- the method of teaching provide by some studio or some private instructor doesn't suit everybody.

- if you join a studio for a group class within first month on of staff advice you to take private lessons , change the studio because credible instructor will advise you continue with group lessons at least three months.

- if you feel that you are struggling in group class and you told the instructor and she didn't give you a time fix a lead/follow or Foot position not even 2 mins after class, given that whatever learned in class you fail to do on club's dance floor, you should change studio.

- if you feel that the instructor pushes you to take more private lesson than you want to have and if you feel that he/she is delivering more promise than he/she should then you should change instructor.

as for chain dance studios, belleofyourball has a point so don't join chain studio unless you exploit other options and you found really great instructor who works in it otherwise you won't get what you are paying for.

I ended up in a chain studio and I found that its teaching suits me very well but if you are in a chain studio and feel that in doesn't suit you then try other option. and remember finding good studio or instructor requires trial and error.
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