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Re: Studio vs. private instructors
Posted by jongleur9418
4/16/2013  12:38:00 PM
Thank you all for the inputs! Your experiences and advices are very helpful!

Yes, to compare the studio staff with the independent instructors, we are talking about the effectiveness. Thank you Lorenabravo for your comparison!

To my experience, the chain (franchised) studio creates a closed enviroment (I do like their social aspects as well as some good teachers) which ensures you at the very begining that this is the best place to learn ballroom dance. Most students here rarely think about to look around to have a comparison, let alone to try different instructors. Or, whoever did perhaps had already gone.

As for the effectiveness, we have consumed 150 private lessons ($130-150 each) plus a dozen of coaching sessions, and we haven't yet completed bronze 1 for our program (origianlly 6 dances and added 2 more later). The inefficiency is very obvious. I was just partially taught Cuban motion after 150 private lessons.

The trick is this: In spite of the inefficiency, when you see people around are in a similar pace, you would accept it, though with frustration.
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