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Re: Studio vs. private instructors
Posted by electroshka
4/25/2013  7:00:00 PM
Independent instuctors/studios are definitely the way to go. Knowing several europeans who have worked for franchised AM & FADS that have quickly moved on from this type of studio all say poor things about these types of facilities.

First of all, all their employess are made to learn a script. So don't feel special, they say the same script to every single student that comes through the door. Plus, most of the teachers that are hired with experience(for $10/hr) are forced to train the 'newbie' teachers that they hire off the street with no experience.

Go see for yourself at a NDCA sanctioned competition. When you watch the pro/am you will see that the independent instructors are winning and placing at the compeition. The AM & FADS students tend to be the 'heat fillers' and are sub-par when it comes to proper technique & styling.......which explains why AM & FADS shelter their students at their own events.

Most 'good' independent instuctors will give you better treatment as they tend to stay longer with students in the studio, give them more attention, charge less, are honest about your dancing, and typically have their students best interest in mind. These instuctors are running their own small business. Just make sure you find someone with proper training.

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