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My Wife's Dancing
Posted by Husband
5/20/2013  1:08:00 PM
My wife used to enjoy ballroom dancing about 10 years ago and I participated with her but never developed much in the way of skills. She is interested in getting back into the "swing" of things after being encouraged by some of her friends. Thing is we have kids now and it is difficult to get sitters sometimes and I just done't have the interest she does. If we cannot find a sitter, which is more often than not, I end up at home with the kids since I just don't have the interest in going without her. I am pretty sure she would rather attend these dance parties that our local association puts on every couple of weeks just with her girl friends. Some of her friends are married and some are not, some come with a partner and some do not.

I am having a difficult time dealing with my feeling that a married woman should go to such events on a regular basis without her husband and have been having some feelings of jealousy. The latter is particularly disturbing.

I trust my wife but still have difficulty with this feeling of jealousy. I just cannot get over the environment where essentially all of the un-partnered folks in the place are single. I would rather her not go without me but I feel like a jerk if I say so and it is not healthy to keep it to myself.

Anybody got some advice?
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