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Re: My Wife's Dancing
Posted by ballroomchick
5/21/2013  11:35:00 AM

As stated not sure how "charged" your dance studio events are. The 5 that are in my local area are all about dancing. Married couples dance with each other as well as singles or other married folks. Sometimes they come dancing alone.

I do know a few married people (who have been married for YEARS) who's partners rarely come dancing with them or never come dancing with them. These folks have others that the go dancing with on a regular basis.

I think there is something to be gained by doing things together as well as doing things apart. Mix it up when a sitter is available. As stated earlier come out and meet those she dances with. When the kids are old enough why not get them dancing too? I've seen some kids that have become quite good and are able to match the adult steps.

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