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Re: My Wife's Dancing
Posted by O.Z.
5/21/2013  5:56:00 PM
Husband. You would not be the least worried if your wife was going to an Art Class. Or playing tennis ( mixed doubles ). The main problem you have is probably the body contact that is required to dance correctly. That is the Waltz Foxtrot and so on. In Latin there is less body contact but the moves can be more sexual. Its becomes an act. Thats all it is , an act. I am told that in the Rumba 60 per cent is acting. Why not find some way of joining your wife in this wonderful sport which goes back to the beginning of time if we are to believe the drawings found in pre historic caves. You will meet new friends and have a wonderful time learning, which is never ending no matter what level of dancing you are at.
This is a copy. Dancing any type is. Moving to beautiful music. Creating shapes in space. and joining in this wonderful world of make believe. Become a part of it youself.
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