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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by ballroomchick
5/28/2013  11:10:00 AM
Dance Studios are not all the same. Some are better than others. I've talked with many local X-AM teachers who have completed their 2 year none compete contract clause and they say they are so happy out. I've heard at competitions them asking the instructors to sound off if they have done their time at AM. Followed by the comment "we all know better now."

Yes AM does take that non fraternization outside the studio to a whole new weird level of avoidance. Should instructors see you at the mall they literally run in the opposite direction. Lord forbid if you happen upon them in a department store and you speak to them before they see you. They nearly die, dropping what they have and move out of the area quickly.

I hate the false advertising the local AM studio does. The owners son and dance partner do not receive training by the studio teachers. These children do not compete at AM competition. They compete in the real world of dance including Blackpool. This is something AM will not allow their students to do. Isn't it strange that AM students that do A LOT of comps can wins all kinds of championships. Yet when they try and dance outside of AM they don't even make first cut? One major problem being they can not do Cuban motion.

I do admit AM is VERY good a selling that feel good, all important, we care for you attitude. You are most certainly paying for it at generally twice the going rate most independent instructors charge.
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