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Re: Please Help w/ First Dance for Wedding!!!
Posted by ladydance
5/30/2013  1:06:00 PM
Wow, super difficult song. However there are some good suggestions from other posters. I will caution you not to expect twirls and spins. First, they are harder than they look. New dancers have a hard time mastering them without falling over. Second, will you be able to turn in your dress and shoes? Most brides pick very high heeled shoes that they are not use to and are totally wrong for dancing. Do not confuse dance shoes with street shoes. Dance shoes are constructed completely different with suede soles. Chances are your dress will be too long. Keep your wedding dance length under 2 minutes. Ideally, a minute and a half is enough. You'll be amazed how long that seems when you are dancing. Also, any longer and your guests will get bored. Have the DJ fade the song out at a good spot in the music. Get a simple choreographed routine and keep your heads up. We had one couple at our studio where the woman kept her shoulders up by her ears and her elbows and head down. She looked like a vulture. No amount of instruction could fix her. Her video must have been cringe-worthy.
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