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Re: Silver Exam
Posted by Waltz123
6/1/2013  2:50:00 PM
Before we can give you a routine for any of the 4 ballroom dances (W/T/FT/QS) or the Latin Paso or Samba, we need to know the size of the usable space where you will be taking your exam. When I say "usable space", I mean the size of the dance floor, accounting for anything that might diminish the size. For example, If the floor extends wall to wall, you can't realistically expect to be able to use the outer 2' or so. If there are tables or chairs that use floor space, or if the examiner's table will be placed on the dance floor itself, you need to account for all of this in your assessment of how much space you can realistically use. Please give the answer in terms of WxL (english or metric is fine), not just square footage. If the floor is an odd shape, include that info, too.

The other 3 dances -- Cha Cha, Rumba and Jive -- can be done without floor size info. I'll start with those first, probably at the rate of about one or two per day.

Jonathan Atkinson
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