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Silver Exam Rumba
Posted by Waltz123
6/1/2013  4:31:00 PM
Begin your Rumba in open facing position, with the man's weight on his LF and his RF pointed backward. Lady begins natural opposite, with her weight on her LF and her RF pointed forward.

Begin on count 4(1), with man stepping forward on RF (lady back on LF). Then continue with routine as follows:

1. Open Hip Twist. End in fan position.
2. Rope Spinning. End in closed position, lady offset toward man's R side.
3. Reverse Top, begun with a Natural Opening Out and ended in fan position.
4. Hockey Stick.
5. Curl. End in fan position.
6. Alemana.
7. Opening Outs to R&L -- two to each side.
8. Spiral, following Opening out to R and ended in fan position.
9. Hockey Stick.
10. Curl to Aida, Cuban Rock & Spot Turn ending.

After #10, you've covered at least one version of everything in the silver syllabus. You could then pick up into closed position for a Basic Movement or two, then back to the Fan. From there, either (a) repeat the routine starting from #2, or (b) take another Hockey Stick to end in open facing and repeat from #1.

If you prefer to begin the whole routine with a Closed Basic Movement, you can always use the Fan and Hockey Stick to get to open facing position for the first Open Hip Twist.

Jonathan Atkinson
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