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Re: Chasse Reverse Turn Precessors
Posted by Jonathan Atkinson
6/5/2013  10:00:00 AM
However, neither of these figures (PC & TC) is listed as a preceder to the Chasse Reverse in "The Ballroom Technique." Are these sequences legal?

The short answer is, if it's not in the list of precedes & follows in the ISTD book, you can't do it for your exam. However, note the stipulation: *for your exam*.

We aren't the ISTD, so our list of precedes & follows is slightly more liberal. We include some ideas not allowed by ISTD because we like to present a broader range of possibilities. For social dancing, if it works, there's no real argument against using it.

Where the question becomes slightly trickier is when it pertains to syllabus competitions. Most competitions use the ISTD rules as their guidelines for Int'l style, but people tend to bend those rules wherever they can get away with it. The stricter the invigilator, the more likely you'll be called out when bending the rules.

The Progressive Chasse to Chasse Reverse Turn combo is a subtle enough bending of an ISTD rule that 99% of people won't recognize it as a violation, even invigilators. And because it's quite popular, many teachers are not even aware that it's not technically allowed. This is partly due to the fact that the Quick Open Reverse is allowed as a follow to the Prog Chasse in the silver level, and so it seems reasonable that the Chasse Reverse Turn would be allowed in bronze.

The fact that Quick Open Reverse is allowed in silver tells us that the most likely reason for the omission of the Chasse Reverse Turn as a follow in bronze is the difficulty is considered too high for the level. So it's probably safe to say that the Chasse Reverse would not be frowned upon as a follow by most people, even examiners, as long as you did it in silver. However, once you're in silver, the question then becomes Why would you choose Chasse Reverse over Quick Open Reverse? Once you start moving that much, the Quick Open Reverse is a better choice anyway.

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