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Re: Entry form/fees
Posted by Clary
6/12/2013  7:53:00 AM
Please note that there are lots of NDCA competition organizers that do not post their fees, and entry and package costs online, and they state that they will release that information ONLY to teachers/studios. Virginia State is one that is like that. I find that position to be ridiculous. If a competition organizer will not tell me, the one who is to pay to attend their competition, what the prices are, then I will not attend that competition. If they want to "remind" me that their prices are wholesale and that studios/teachers may add on additional costs/fees, fine.
I have no idea how an independent amateur couple, one that may not be affiliated with a studio, is to obtain pricing information from those kinds of competitions. Frankly, we have other choices, as many other organizers DO post their prices, and we seek out those competitions.
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