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Re: Entry form/fees
Posted by ballroomchick
6/12/2013  12:43:00 PM
I have yet to see any NDCA ballroom comp post prices.

I do know there are several types of breakdowns. It's all hush, hush because instructors/studios pad on top of the price list.

For me, I will print out the Entry Form and circle the heats I want to do. My instructor and I then go over it together and tweak it if necessary. He has on occasion switched out a few heats before he files it so he can push me to grow. This might not be possible if your instructor has a large string of students going to a comp. I have some friends in this type of situation, they are told what heats they will be dancing.

If it's a local comp we dance off package so the heats are about $10 more. It's usually less expensive in the long run, we run the numbers both ways. We go out and have a better tasting, less expensive dinner close by. It's nice to go off and be able to clear your head before hitting it again.

My instructor gives me the price list of everything.

I know what the different package rates are.
I know what the heat costs are ON packages and OFF package.
I know what the ticket fees are to get into the ballroom.
I know what the day rate my instructor charges to be with me and not home teaching.
I know if there is a "teacher wear & tear" fee added to the heats.

I've sat in the office with my instructor on the speaker phone when he gets the price list. It's nice to be with an independent instructor.

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