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Re: Entry ford/fees
Posted by belleofyourball
6/12/2013  3:05:00 PM
If your instructor won't give you the price and itemize what he charges on top the answer is no....I am not going. Comp is fun and can help you grow as a dancer but if your studio isn't being transparent then they are probably cheating you and to be honest...cheating their instructors too...

Expect to pay around double whatever the actual fee is. On top of that expect to split the cost of your pro attending the comp with whomever else is going. My pro itemizes then splits...and there are always at least four girls who go so it tends to be fairly reasonable. He does our hair we do each others make-up and one of the other students has a dress rental company and so we just rent her dresses and don't end up going broke buying a $5000+ dress. Be aware some pros have a sponsor and get a kickback for everything you buy from their sponsor. I know who my pros sponsor is but he is honest with me and has been very upfront in sending me to a different dressmaker who doesn't give him kickbacks because she has been making better dresses (I'm hard to fit because I am so top heavy).

Most of us also compete am/am at the same comps and he is there for moral support and watches how we do so he can make legitimate suggestions and help us grow as dancers (no charge to any of us). He works to help us find amateur partners and when he brings in coaches he makes sure that they provide group classes so those who couldn't afford the one-on-one still get the personal attention and help to improve dancing.

For alot of years I didn't want to compete and he never pressured me. You shouldn't be feeling pressured.

No he isn't cheap but I never feel ripped off. At the chains I constantly felt ripped off and pressured. If you are feeling cheated...which it sounds like you are....time to find someplace else to be.
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