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Re: Embarresment
Posted by ballroomchick
6/14/2013  10:37:00 AM
Ugg the pressures of schoolroom nonsense.

I would also suggest you laugh with them then say, yes most people think ballroom dancers are stuck in a cotillion age or in the Laurence Whelk error (Great Grandma and Great Granddad's type dancing). In reality, to do it well you need to have the flexibility of and strength of a gymnasts and the stamina of a track runner. The Latin/Rhythm section of ballroom dancing - we dance to current Rock and Roll songs. Ask if they ever watch Dancing With The Stars?

Sure anyone can free style or wiggle dance. BUT who can hit the floor to do a hot salsa or cha cha then slide into a smooth West Coast Swing...THAT is the person everyone will be watching and the person who continues to have fun on the dance floor.

If you social dance invite anyone who is brave enough to check out what your talking about. Just remind them....NO guts NO glory!

Keep it up kiddo, don't cave to the pressures of the uneducated! YOu have what most of us on this board would like to have back - youthful energy and stamina!
Keep on DANCING!
Re: Embarresment
Posted by belleofyourball
6/14/2013  12:41:00 PM
If they weren't making fun of your dancing they would be making fun of something else. They are making fun of you because they can't do it and don't want anyone to be able to do things they can't. I teach ballroom in all sorts of high schools and the kids who are obnoxious are the ones who suck and don't want anyone else to know that they can't dance and it makes them feel stupid. Ignore them and don't let them steal something as awesome as this from you.
Re: Embarresment
Posted by shortgame2
6/15/2013  7:04:00 AM
Everyone who waits to learn dancing ALWAYS regrets not starting it much earlier. My son is 23..has aways been very athletic and started dancing a year ago. He just happen to be at the studio helping me with a showcase and decided to learn to dance. He now is training to teach. His friends think it's really cool.

By all means stay with it if it's your passion. you will NEVER regret it and one day will be so very thankful you did. I promise.

I agree with other comments that the kids are giving you a hard time because they don't understand or are envious of you. Be proud that you have found something you truly enjoy and confident in your talent. Kid pressure is hard but try to laugh it off with them...they WILL move on!!

Best of luck!!!
Re: Embarresment
Posted by nloftofan1
6/15/2013  8:38:00 AM
You've already gotten some very good answers. One person mentioned "Dancing With the Stars." One contestant on that show, Jerry Rice, is one of the greatest pro football players in history. He was always noted for coming into training camp in good shape. Yet he lost 35 pounds training for DWTS.

If the people making fun of you COULD do it, they probably would. It's not for wimps.
Re: Embarresment
Posted by undoit
6/17/2013  4:28:00 PM
Let them laugh and think you are joking... Really, I'm 31 and I work in a shop full of guys... I get the same thing. They call me "Twinkle," so that is what I call myself, and I bust the most rediculous moves you have ever seen. Seriously, I probably make more cracks about ballroom than anyone else there, but when I hit the floor, I have pure dedication and give all attention to detail. So about the nickname, I am actually the boss in the shop, and if it bothered be in the slightest, the name would go away... Fact is that it cracks me up that they got it right... My favorite dance just happens to be the Waltz...
Re: Embarresment
Posted by O.K.
6/19/2013  10:57:00 PM
I would rather dance with a lady than than run around a field chasing a bunch of guys dressed in the nearest thing to tights..
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