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Re: Embarresment
Posted by ballroomchick
6/14/2013  10:37:00 AM
Ugg the pressures of schoolroom nonsense.

I would also suggest you laugh with them then say, yes most people think ballroom dancers are stuck in a cotillion age or in the Laurence Whelk error (Great Grandma and Great Granddad's type dancing). In reality, to do it well you need to have the flexibility of and strength of a gymnasts and the stamina of a track runner. The Latin/Rhythm section of ballroom dancing - we dance to current Rock and Roll songs. Ask if they ever watch Dancing With The Stars?

Sure anyone can free style or wiggle dance. BUT who can hit the floor to do a hot salsa or cha cha then slide into a smooth West Coast Swing...THAT is the person everyone will be watching and the person who continues to have fun on the dance floor.

If you social dance invite anyone who is brave enough to check out what your talking about. Just remind them....NO guts NO glory!

Keep it up kiddo, don't cave to the pressures of the uneducated! YOu have what most of us on this board would like to have back - youthful energy and stamina!
Keep on DANCING!
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