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Re: Embarresment
Posted by shortgame2
6/15/2013  7:04:00 AM
Everyone who waits to learn dancing ALWAYS regrets not starting it much earlier. My son is 23..has aways been very athletic and started dancing a year ago. He just happen to be at the studio helping me with a showcase and decided to learn to dance. He now is training to teach. His friends think it's really cool.

By all means stay with it if it's your passion. you will NEVER regret it and one day will be so very thankful you did. I promise.

I agree with other comments that the kids are giving you a hard time because they don't understand or are envious of you. Be proud that you have found something you truly enjoy and confident in your talent. Kid pressure is hard but try to laugh it off with them...they WILL move on!!

Best of luck!!!
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