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Re: can you teach even with no dance experience?
Posted by undoit
6/22/2013  10:07:00 AM
If you are interested in working in the studio setting, or want to get studio employment to help make your dancing more affordable, check into the front desk positions. Every studio has them... This gets you in the door where you can work with the pro's without breaking the bank, and in a few years maybe you will be ready to teach. Otherwise, the answer to your question, I would consider teaching without substantial experience complete insanity. Not that it's not a nice thought, but there are too many small things that you could miss that would cause people a lot of trouble down the road. Just speaking from personal experience, the more advanced you get, the harder it gets, and things are a lot easier to fix as a novice. That first instructor that you ever have sets the building blocks for everything that comes after.
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