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Re: can you teach even with no dance experience?
Posted by Tango dancer
6/23/2013  10:26:00 PM
You really can't do it without some serious ballroom background. You may see if you can get some training, but until you have been training for at least 4 years before you be an effective teacher.
We cannot reasonably charge for lessons at the market value until we have been working in the industry for many years. You won't be able to charge much money until you have been dancing for a long time, enter into a lot of competitions or get credentialing on your own.
I suggest that you TAKE lessons for a few years (4-6),get a lot of dancing under your belt,possibly get your professional medal exams,compete or get credentialed with an N.D.C.A. accepted syllabus before you start thinking about teaching others.
Otherwise your studio will only send you brand new beginners and pay you very little to teach them. Those people will then have to move up to the more expereinced instructors to continue.......and frankly, it is really aggrivating to have to re-teach and break bad habits in students who have been taught incorrectly from those who were really not qualified to teach them in the first place. It frustrates the student who thought that they were learning it correctly, only to find that they now have to spend more money and time correcting a bad habit.
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