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Re: Another Name For Advanced Box
Posted by nloftofan1
7/16/2013  8:17:00 AM
I don't think this is Fallaway Reverse and Slip Pivot because you say the feet are together on step 3; that's not the way we were taught the figure by at least two professional instructors. It sounds more like steps 1-6 of a Bronze Fred Astaire figure called "Fallaway and Rock" (I'm not sure if it's still in the FA syllabus).

As we were taught the figure, years ago:
Steps 1-3 Bronze Twinkle
Steps 4-6 Step 4 is a Slip Pivot (though the instructor may not mention it at that level), steps 5 & 6 essentially finish the box, though we were not taught to close the feet on 6. We learned to end this part ready for the next 3 steps.
Steps 7-9 Left turning rock turn (about 1/2 L) with the feet held in CBMP
Steps 10-12 Steps 4-6 of a left box turning 1/4 L

You can find the details of a Slip Pivot in a lot of reference works.
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