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Re: Alemana
Posted by Waltz123
7/22/2013  11:59:00 AM
Sorry, I'm not sure I understand the nature of your observation. First, are you making an observation specifically about the dance videos on this website, or about dancers you see in general, say at dance studios or competitions? Second, is the Alemana being danced where they should be dancing an Underarm / Switch Turn, or vice-versa? And finally, are you offering a critique (i.e. saying it's wrong and should be corrected), a curious observation (i.e. saying "This is what I see; Am I right and is it a good or a bad thing?"), or a supportive observation (i.e. stating your support for the practice)?

I can see that you have something to say about it and I'd like to answer, but the particulars of the statement were somewhat ambiguous.

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