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Re: Plantars Fascitis in both feet....can't dance!
Posted by lorenabravo
7/22/2013  1:13:00 PM

I've numerous foot ailments, including plantar fasciitis. As depiante said, exercises and correct shoes will make all the difference. Just to add to what has already been stated, I would recommend doing lots of stretches right before bed in addition to whenever else you do them. I found that if I did them right before going to sleep, the pain was much less in the morning. On top of the stretching, I found body rolling to be very effective. Basically, you take a soft rummer ball and use it to apply pressure to the muscles you want to stretch. You can find more information on www.yamunabodyrolling.com. I know there are other companies that do the same thing, but I happen to like this one.

Regarding shoes, you may want to give minimalist shoes a try. I'm not sure from you username is you are a man or a woman, so ignore the rest of this if it is not relevant to you. High heels, even if they're only an inch or so high, contribute to tightening your calves. While I wouldn't go so far as to say you should wear those crazy looking Vibram 5 finger shoes on a day to day basis, wearing very flat shoes helped me a lot. Yes, for dancing we have to wear the heels, but as soon as practice is over, I take a minute to stretch out my calves, and into flat shoes I go.

Anyway, I hope some of what you find on here is useful to you and that your feet heal up quickly. Best of luck to you!
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