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Re: ok how long does it really take..............
Posted by zeke22
7/26/2013  5:53:00 PM
An update on last years post..........
I have continued with injury interruptions since last March and thoroughly enjoy it!
I've continued going to multiple studios (now five) and find them all to be beneficial for their instruction and for their availability to provide options on different nights.
Also for the variety in partners for the chance to check to see if I can actually lead by taking a figure from one place to another.
I have a couple of partners to take lessons with and attend two studio dances weekly for practice.

I've progressed to being able to made it through 9 or 10 different dances I'd say with some modest level of proficiency in 5.

Taking Bronze 1 and 2 classes now. Doing up to 12 hours a week when able (and uninjured).

I do need both knees replaced and have a bad back so am compromised but can still manage most of the time. Lost 4 months completely and dipped my toes back in for a couple months before getting back at it.

Certainly glad to have started and intend to continue as long as possible.

It's seems to be a throwback activity from a different age.

All the people I've met are gracious and polite. From all walks of life and all ages. I understand some of the comments made in response to my post of last year much better now.
One unanticipated note. I now tell friends what I doing and they all think I'm just grazing for women..............Is that a common response?
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