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Re: Starting dance for the first time. Ever.
Posted by belleofyourball
8/7/2013  11:15:00 PM
The most important thing is to enjoy yourself. You are going to have a wonderful time. You are still young and yes if you have a great teacher and dedication you will get your 'dancer's body.' I didn't start dancing until I was older than you and it took me a few years to find the right teacher so I was in my thirties before I was really at the top of my game. I do all the tricks and fun stuff...lifts and drops but that again has to do with your partner's capacity as well as your own.

Decide what you want....competition or social or whatever....decide on your goals and stick to them. You will get there. Stay away from slick salesmen and people who tell you that you are wonderful to get money out of you. If you always are leaving feeling like the best dancer on earth you aren't getting good instruction.

For equipment...shoes....shoes....shoes. Good instruction and SHOES.....not a bunch of shoes but get at least one pair of shoes that really hold to your feet like a second skin. Make sure they are the right kind for Latin or Ballroom and be willing to pay....and know that you are going to have to break them in and your feet are probably going to bleed before its all over. If you are dancing Latin your toes will be longer than your shoes so they can grip the floor. I like Ray Rose...or Supadance or my favorites Dance Naturals.

Have fun...welcome to dance.
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