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Re: my husband doesn't dance
Posted by commodoredawe
8/20/2013  9:46:00 PM
I am a husband of a wonderful wife. I have tried to learn dancing, ballroom and salsa mainly but apart from a couple of basic steps I am just no good at it at all.

My wife is a brilliant dancer, we have been married for 27 year. She deserves to get the entertainment and fun that she wants.

I love to see her dance with other men. I love to feel her to be free whatever she likes to do and enjoy all dances in the way she wants them to enjoy. We have talked about this a lot and I just always say that she should enjoy what she wants to enjoy. I trust she won't leave me and I have no objections to her enjoying all dances in the way she and her respective dance partners want to enjoy their time on the dance floor and/or evenings when they go out without me being there.

I just don't understand why you would want to stop somebody from having fun.

Commmodore Dawe
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