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Re: Intimidated at dance parties
Posted by ladydance
8/25/2013  1:39:00 PM
This is a typical newbie problem. Don't be intimidated, every dancer has been in your position. I would suggest that as a leader, you decline to dance if you don't know the dance. It is perfectly OK to say, "I don't know this dance, maybe the next one." Floorcraft is so important and it is a learned skill. It takes practice, practice, practice. Don't stick to a routine. Learn to put steps together so you can get around the floor. The latin dances are easier since you don't travel (except samba).
Stay closer to the middle of the floor so the more advanced dancers can get around you. If you make a mistake and stop, get off the floor as quickly as possible. Don't stop and walk back to the corner, blocking the line of dance. Everyone should be very forgiving if you observe general dance etiquette.
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