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Re: Intimidated at dance parties
Posted by ladydance
8/26/2013  7:12:00 AM
Yes, that mix is normal. It takes a great deal of courage for beginners to come out to parties (kudos to you!). We give out free passes and they still won't attend. Attitude is everything. When my husband and I started, we couldn't do more than one wall of foxtrot. Instead of saying everyone is too good, we're not coming anymore, we looked around and thought if they can do it, we will too. We went to every Friday night party (still do) and my husband has the best floorcraft of anyone there. So hang in there, don't worry about what you can't do, just keep working on the stuff you can. It will get easier as you get more comfortable. I still the remember the thrill we got when we got all around the floor in the waltz without stopping.
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