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Re: AM student who wants to compete but AM wont le
Posted by Ballroomchick
8/26/2013  11:10:00 AM

The only thing I can add to Ladydancer is, you will find the cost to be less than what you were spending at A.M. most of the times.

There was a gal that was winning all kinds of championships for several years in the A.M. world. She wanted to dance outside A.M. and started with my instructor wanted to hit the local comps right away. He told her she wasn't ready, but she pushed and pushed. The customer is always right...right? She came in dead last in every rhythm heat. She didn't know cuban motion yet. It was pretty shocking to her and made her really mad.

As Ladydancer said, don't look back. It's the best move you can make. There ARE great dance teachers out there!

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