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Re: Teacher/Students Etiquette
Posted by LadySamba
9/2/2013  3:30:00 PM
Hi lorenabravo..Thanks for your comments.

The instructor is the OWNER OF HIS STUDIO. He has no other instructors but himself, so there is no one I could send a complaint to. I only want to make sure this never happens to another woman. It is VERY sad that someone could do something like this and not have to pay any consequences. I don't know how he sleeps at night after doing something like this to a student, not to mention a widow. Very inappropriate, unprofessional and immoral.

I have contacted many dancers I know to tell them my story. I was really hoping I could contact the NDCA and they could suggest an appropriate action. I know he is a member of many of the professional dance organizations and I am sure they would be appalled by the actions of this teacher.

Because of this, I am not dancing any longer, and I had been dancing for 10 years.
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