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Re: my husband doesn't dance
Posted by Dominicana
9/5/2013  6:09:00 PM
Woaahhh is been forever since this threat and I'm going through something so similar, is just devastating the person you love and you want to share this with is just not even trying😔. Okay even if you don't answer me or anyone, I feel I have to for those going through this!!! I've been married for 6 years now and this whole thing is been happening ever since we met. As weird as it sounds he met me at a night club. (Yes he met me "dancing" ) and I knew he didn't knew how to dance how I'd like to but I was okay because he always tried. And I figure heeey I'll teach him how to dance (Bachata "the Dominican way" he's Mexican btw. Anyways.... I said I'll teach him how to dance (bachata, merengue, salsa, etc). But as years passed by he didn't want to dance when the opportunity was there for us. So here I am numerous times sitting by his side, people telling him to dance with me, and he just laughs and says "yeah later...." I just felt like dying watching others having a blast while I sat there and watch. Well.. This kept happening until I snapped a couple of times coming home from "those party's" about how sick and tired iam of telling him how I love to dance and how I want him to join me. I offered to teach him alot of times, I even told him for us to get some dancing lessons, and he just laughs. I must say I love this man to peaces, he's the father of my four kids, he's an excellent lover and everything else, but..... This is hes defect that he's not even trying to fix, knowing how important it is to me. I'm not trying to be selfish (I just want for "us" to have fun together. He works hard and I too, so that is why I want for us to to out there and release some stress haha.. I just love to dance, I enjoy the music every bit of it. I don't understand how can someone go to a party and not enjoy it 😒😞 and that's my husband and now I? No waaay any suggestions????? Please email me at yinellyrod@yahoo.com
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